Maybe I’m a Demon? – Devilman Crybaby Sabbath Shibuya Exhibition, Kishibe Rohan Cafe & DMCB Season Marathon (Uchiyama Kouki & Han Megumi Talk) – Day Blog

I jumped on the chance to go see Uchiyama Kouki (Fudo Akira) and Han Megumi (Makimura Miki) have a pre-viewing chat at a 10-episode marathon of the full season of Devilman Crybaby.

The series will be soon releasing its Blu-ray “Complete Box” Set on May 30, 2018, so for the run-up to the release, they are holding a couple events that I had the pleasure to attend last Friday.

Literally buying the last ticket available, I was ready to spend my Premium Friday on Devilman.

Sabbath Shibuya Exhibition

Because it’s pretty close to the movie theater, I decided to check out the Sabbath Shibuya Exhibition as well.


At a super cheap 800 yen admission price, you can check out the small but lovely Sabbath Shibuya exhibition, where they have big cutouts of all the DMCB characters. Ken the 390 even signed Wamu!


If you enjoyed DMCB, especially the animation, then you’ll love this exhibition. They had key animation cells on display for all the episodes. Because my home set-up is only a 23-inch monitor, seeing this exhibition made me even more hyped to be seeing the full season on the big screen with big theater surround sound later in the evening!


The exhibition will also make your purchase impulse twitch, because a lot of the materials on display are also featured in the bonus materials with the “Complete Box.” Luckily, I had already reserved it months ago… so… yeah.


Tower also had their own exclusive collab goods which were great! Not to mention, there is a bromide machine installed right in the exhibition so you can get a high quality print of your favorite scenes.


Also, a small corner was fashioned as Sabbath itself, where they played scenes from the anime and recording from the Devilman Night Event late last year. You could enjoy the slightly club atmosphere surrounded by cute and creepy demons. Luckily, they also have cold DMCB beer available if you want to really get in the club mood. It’s nothing special as far as beer goes, but it does have a DMCB label, and who is going to say no to that? Not me!


I will be going back later next month, so if you see something you would want, let me know, because I need to pick up some of that Devilman sake after all. Until then, I already have a few of the goods up in the shop!

Kishibe Rohan x Tower Records Cafe – Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan

I didn’t have too much time before the marathon and was in need of a coffee break. At the checkout at the exhibition, they gave me a 10% off coupon at the cafe downstairs. I packed up my cold beer and headed down to the Tower Records cafe, where they happened to be having a Kishibe Rohan collaboration (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure).


I don’t know about you, but I love Rohan, and then the coffee was also really good! I couldn’t stay long, but the cafe was super nice with a lot to look at and a special collab menu to enjoy. And, would you look at that? I got a Rohan bookmark out of it too!

Both Sabbath Shibuya Exhibition and the Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan Cafe are at Tower Records Shibuya for a limited time.

Devilman Crybaby Full Season Marathon + Uchiyama Kouki & Han Megumi Talk Show

It was time for the main event. Just a short 15-minute commute from Shibuya, I arrived at Shinjuku Wald 9, a movie theater close to Shinjuku station.

DeJWNDAVwAAmdnV.jpg large
Source: DMCB Official Twitter

Before the little talk show, the host engaged the sold-out crowd, and found that quite a few people came from outside Kanto on this warm Friday night, and I was personally surprised that a good number of the audience members have actually never seen Devilman Crybaby, at all. Quite a few people were there with family or friends, and a few more were there for the voice actors, but I mean, that is commitment to sit through a whole season of something you’re not even interested in.

They would have to deal with a heavy amount of spoilers, because during the talk show, the two voice actors and the host went through each episode one-by-one, and they had a lot to say!

DeCWhziVAAAPlRw.jpg large
Source: DMCB Official Twitter

When Uchiyama and Han came out, I was so ecstatic to see Uchiyama was dressed in all black, just like Akira. These little details always make me appreciate the voice actors even more. I had seen Han Megumi before at AnimeJapan this year, and she is always entertaining. I also really like that she always gives really thoughtful answers at her DMCB panels, so I am really glad she was chosen as Miki.

From the beginning, Uchiyama also mentioned Murase Ayumu (Asuka Ryo), first saying he was surprise Ryo was chosen for that character, but later felt that it fit really well after he found out more about Ryo in DMCB.

Now to Uchiyama. I personally love Uchiyama’s sense of humor. It kind of comes off that he is just saying what comes to mind, but he also has a knack for going with it and making it a running joke.

When asked about what the voice actors have in common with their characters, Uchiyama answered, “I am like an animal.” The whole theater giggled while our three speakers discussed what exactly he meant by that. He clarified with an example: when you’re super hungry and just have to EAT. I’m not sure if that was what Han was expecting, but she accepted the explanation.

I was also happy to hear both of the voice actors were surprised by the extra scenes at the end of Episode 9. Because there is no dialog in the scene, it came as a complete surprise to them, especially after what all occurred in DMCB’s tragic ninth episode. Uchiyama, who also worked with Yuasa and Studio Saru in Ping Pong the Animation, also had praise for the production team, connecting the storytelling in DMCB with Ping Pong the Animation. Because I love Ping Pong, I am really glad Uchiyama mentioned it, even if it was super brief. (I felt so validated.)

Unfortunately, only members of the press could take pictures at a designated time during the talk, but I really enjoyed it, and Uchiyama’s speaking voice is so heavenly. I could listen to him talk all night, AND THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT I DID.

Also, as mentioned before, being able to see and hear DMCB in the theater was an experience. I appreciate this anime and its production so much. The music and sound are so surreal and really pull you into the animation. I could also see everything, including lots of little details that I had missed in past viewings. It was definitely an experience, to say the least.

DeB-FUHUwAAQ7k2.jpg large
Source: DMCB Official Twitter

Devilman Crybaby is one of the most successful Netflix-backed anime to date. The release comes as a timely finish to Go Nagai’s 50th Anniversary. At the viewing they also announced, car-maker Orochi will be making a Devilman car! There will only be one of these made in the whole wide world, but I’m sure whoever buys it will love it accordingly.

Source: DMCB Official Twitter

I really hope there are more opportunities for events like this, but am I super grateful they had this viewing.

Now off to drink this DMCB beer!

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